Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here She Is

Doesn't this cry out "Scrap Me!"? LOL I just got this picture on my cell with the words, "Princess Aubrey playing soccer, is that our girl in a nut shell or what!?!?!?" Well, it is. She is so girly for the side of the family that wants her girly & she is a tomboy for the side of the family that loves the tomboy in her. She is everything to all of us. She is going to make the best big sister in December too. She will have the mothering, nurturing, & caring part to her but yet also be able to knock someone in the head if they mess with her little sister. She is one tough little cookie. This 3 year old doesn't worry about saying NO if she means NO. Yes, I know, I do alot of scrapbooking about the grandchildren but rarely do I speak much about them. This is the one that reminds me more of myself than any of them. Grampa is already talking about sending her Daddy a shotgun! LOL He thinks Daddy just may need one. Well, I am thinking Grampa could be right. Enjoy your childhood Princess Aubrey & Happy Belated Birthday for yesterday Sweetheart! Gramma loves you & misses you!!
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  1. She is totally adorable and definitely picture to scrap into a beautiful page.